31 October 2012

Stamp out abuse of disabled parking

What happened to having some common courtesy?

IF you are a disabled driver, you will probably have a blue badge to help you park your car for your convenience. 

Many able bodied people (mainly in supermarket car parks) in vans, 4x4s or executive cars that abuse these spaces. Without displaying a blue badge on the dashboards of their vehicles. This might be petty to some, but it really annoys me when they do it. There are other ways of how people abuse disabled parking spaces.

It's understandable that there will be some who will get annoyed with those who aren't in wheelchairs, or have a walking stick that happen to have a blue badge. Those that do, are likely to suffer mobility problems and can't walk a far distance. But you do also get some fat or morbidly obese people who have blue badges. Again, that will infuriate others because they'll believe their struggle to walk is self inflicted.

People who abuse disabled parking spaces are selfish and pig-ignorant. They don't realise how much inconvenience they cause for disabled people if they can't find anywhere to park. What disgusts me even more, is that they completely disregard and disrespect disabled people. These spaces should be reserved for those who genuinely need them.

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