28 June 2012

Volvo with volcanicity

After the glowing reception the C30 Polestar got from younger people and petrolheads alike. Well, here's the next Volvo to get the Polestar treatment with the S60.

VOLVO to many, are the makers of safe, solid, comfortable and sensible saloons and estates. But younger car nuts of my age will probably be none too keen on. Let's face it, Volvos are not cars you'd say are sexy.

If you wanted a car that's a cut above the mainstream - which Volvos are. Most young, aspiring drivers that are a bit flush would get a German car. But if you don't fancy some German wheels and want some exclusivity, then you'd probably get an Alfa Romeo.

Back to the subject of Volvos not being sexy - they are (or have been) the type of cars that our parents would find appealing. It's like clothes, we would not want to wear the same ones that our parents wear. Seriously, would you? I thought not.

But recently though, Volvo have been wanting to shrug off their staid image that they've always carried. It's evident in their more recent cars like the C30, the new S60 and the upcoming V40. Which are more slick and svelt than Volvos of old which were modelled on bricks. Despite that, modern Volvos still have their classic traits being: safety, comfort and interior ergonomics. I shall confess though, I do like the C30.

In the past, Volvo have made some performance versions of their cars. Remember the 850 T5-R? The civilised family estate that also went like stink. A success on the race track in the British Touring Car Championship and also a favourite with the Fuzz - the police to you and me. There has been the S60 and V70-R which have carried the similar ethos to the 850 T5-Rs.

As of late, Volvo have made one-off performance Polestar concepts. As seen with the C30, that went gone down a storm. Polestar, Volvo's tuning company for making their touring cars, made an AWD C30 that was capable of showing a Mitsubishi Evo X or a Ford Focus RS a clean pair of heels.

The latest Volvo to get the Polestar treatment is the S60. The S60 Polestar is based on the top of the range T6 model. Under the bonnet, the S60's 3.0 litre straight six engine has been tuned to pump out 500bhp, producing 424 lb ft of torque and mated to an AWD (All Wheel Drive) system. That powers the S60 60mph in 3.9 seconds, and goes all the way to 186mph. That's quick by anyone's standards. Then with the candy blue paint job, the bigger wheels sitting lower on the flared wheel arches and a wider track. It certainly looks the part too.

This is a car could be a car to battle with the German super-saloons: BMW M3, Audi RS4 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. This super Swede could give leave them battered and bruised. Sadly though, the S60 Polestar is (as of now) a concept. A one-off.

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