22 June 2012

Ever seen your old car again?

EVER wondered what happened to a car you previously owned? Most of time, you probably wouldn't. Particularly if you either: sold it or traded it in for another car. But have you ever seen that old car again? That same car, that was at one time your pride and joy? If you didn't sell that car to a friend or a family member. Highly unlikely.

Well for my close friend, Dave, he previously owned a 2001 Renault Clio (also known as Feo), which he had seen it again in Blackpool on a day out with his girlfriend, Natalie. Seeing for himself that the car he used to own is still on the road - even though it's illegally parked on double yellow lines.

No doubt this will have been a strange yet nostalgic moment for Dave. It's great to know that Feo is still alive.

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