29 April 2012

Bring back Deals on Wheels!

Time for a return of the Channel 4 motoring programme...

MANY petrolheads will know Mike Brewer for presenting Wheeler Dealers with Edd China. Where they buy, restore and then sell modern classics in aim to make a profit.

Before Wheeler Dealers, the Cockney geezer test drove and reviewed cars on Driven alongside Jason Plato and Penny Mallory. If you don't remember Driven, it was Channel 4's answer to BBC Top Gear. At the start of his career, Mr. Brewer was presenting Deals on Wheels alongside Richard Sutton. Looking into the world of second hand cars.

I was only a little boy when Deals on Wheels first aired on Channel 4 in the 1990s. I won't remember seeing it even though I remember Top Gear from that time. I'll confess here, the first time I saw and watched episodes were the repeats on Discovery Real Time. If you haven't seen Deals on Wheels, Channel 4 have kindly made it available for you to see it on 4oD.

It was one of my favourite programmes because I enjoy looking into the world of second hand cars. Especially looking out and seeing how much car you can get for so little. At the other end of the scale, getting a few bob from an old classic. Getting hints and tips on buying used cars. Looking under the bonnet, exhaust fumes, checking for rust or oil leaks, etc. Forgive me for being rather geeky, but I find this rather fascinating.

In these tough, austere times from the state of the economic climate. Then there's the price of petrol and running a car itself. I do think there is a place for a motoring show in a format of Deal on Wheels. Informative and insightful look on buying or selling second hand cars, classic cars and the motor trade.

So I say...bring back Deals on Wheels! There will also be a welcoming return for Richard Sutton as well.


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