21 March 2012

Return of Datsun

Hang on! But isn’t Datsun now Nissan? Yes, but the Japanese company's maiden name is due to be back on the road…

IT may sound a bit nonsensical of Nissan reviving the old Datsun name. In the history of the Japanese manufacturer, it originally started up and existed as Datsun. Until the 1980s, the company was re-named to being called Nissan which we all know of today.

Nissan have recently announced on the revival of the Datsun name. Which will be a budget brand on making cheap cars with bulletproof reliability. In being basic, no-frills cars that will provide low-cost, hassle free motoring.

This will be an extension to the Nissan family; as they already have Infiniti being the premium brand. At the other end of the scale, with Datsun being the budget brand. In similar vein to what Dacia is to Nissan’s sister company, Renault.

Cars from the Datsun brand will be for emerging markets. In developing countries such as: China, India, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. Where the demand for cars has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years. Cars won’t be sold in Europe and America under the Datsun brand which Nissan has ruled out.

So will we see a comeback of the old Datsun 120Y then? Mmmm…maybe not.

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