19 March 2012

Brown cars on the road

Tra la la la la. There were brown cars on the road...

BROWN cars were a common sight in the 1970s and the 1980s. But you don't really see any in that colour these days. Most brown cars were made over 30 years ago. So most of them will be scrapped, and surviving ones will be hidden and stored away in garages.

One week, I spotted two brown cars in the wild funnily enough. With a 1979 Leyland Mini in Blackburn. Which looks very similar to the one my father owned in his youth - yes he did have a brown Mini which was also his first car.

The other brown motor I spotted, was a 1978 Ford Cortina Ghia. When I was out with my stepfather to a car auctions in Preston later in the week. That brought him back memories of one that his father owned years ago. 

Brown cars are seriously uncool in my book. Even if there is a comeback of it on the colour charts - as seen with subtle shades and hints of brown on very recent cars, therefore becoming fashionable. You'll see them on a range of cars from: Renault Scenics to Porsche 911s to Rolls-Royce Phantoms. I could never see myself owning a brown car. The only thing brown I would have on a car if it had walnut veneer on the dashboard.

Putting the colours aside, it was a treat spotting an old Mini and 'Tina on the roads albeit brown cars. Both of them looked like they're being used as daily hacks.

Brown has a love or loathe affair on the colour chart for a car. A trend that's coming back. Have you owned a brown car? Would you ever own a brown car? Over to you on that...

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