22 February 2012

Going, going...GONE!!

Change undergoing in the Definitely Motoring fleet as the Ford Ka parts company.

WELL, I did finally get round to changing my car. It couldn’t really be any sooner, as the paintwork on my old Ford Ka was fading; it was also becoming a bit of a rust bucket in all honesty.

I sort of feel lost because I've had that Ka for nearly two years. Despite it being troublesome at times, I will miss it - even though I'm relieved to have got rid of it at the same time. Looking past its problems, what lied beneath the surface was a genuinely nice small car. That was a giggle to drive with its sharp, go-kart like handling which I enjoyed chucking round the on the B-road bends.

I loved the fact that this wasn't any Ford Ka you'd usually see on the road. Compared to most Ford Kas of similar age to mine, they would have been the base models. With them matt black bumpers, riding on steel wheels, wearing plastic trims and having wind down windows. 

Most Kas at around 11 years old wouldn't have them niceties and necessities like: central locking, body-coloured bumpers, factory spec alloy wheels, mud flaps, an internal boot release and to finish it off...with a lovely chrome tail pipe on the exhaust. With that long list of specifications there, my Ka had that and you could say I had a rather plush first car. 

What I also liked on my Ka that it was de-badged with no KA badge on the tailgate. I think it looks better without it. Ford did that with the the Ka's close relations, the Puma and StreetKa. They should have done that on the standard Ka.

Yes, it's had its faults. Some of my friends must think I'm insane for putting up with my tempramental Ka. I have spent hundreds - if not, thousands - getting it fixed and keeping it on the road. At times, I have ripped my hair out over this car and sometimes grew disillusioned with it.

But now is the time for change and an upgrade. The fact that I'm 21 years old and have built up my years of no claim. Insurance should be a lot more reasonable when getting my next car with a bit more go. With the circumstances, I can afford to do this now I've been wanting to change car for some time.

So it's goodbye and a final farewell to KaKa. I'm relieved to see the back of it. It was my very first car though, and I will look back at this car with warmth and fondness in the years to come.

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