01 December 2011

Next car on the horizon

Change in circumstances could mean change of wheels in the near future...

FIRST things first, I have got a new job therefore I'm working again and much happier getting my life back on track. Also, I have got my Ford Ka taxed, repaired which is now gracing tarmac again. A big thanks to Andy and Tom for the hard work on getting my car mended by the way. They should be happy with getting the extra quid from it.

The Ka has been running sweet as a nut. It's evidently nippier with the replacement engine fitted in with better performance and fuel consumption. Still a great steer as before adds to the joy of driving it.

However, I am still standing by my decision on wanting to sell it. Largely based on the fact that I want to change car as I have owned it for nearly two years. Another is that I need to regarding the circumstances.

Make no mistake, the Ka is a good little around if you're going to use it in town or on the A-roads most of the time. But getting to and from work involves using the motorway and driving on 50mph speed limit roads. It's not to say the Ka struggles on keeping up with the traffic because it doesn't. It's perfectly capable in doing that but the engine has to work harder so it can keep up with the traffic. That's always the case as town toddlers like Ford Kas were not built for regular motorway trips.

I would ideally like my prospective next car to be a faster one. OK, I want a faster car but one that's effortless on faster roads and motorways. Not a powerful one that will blow my face off - I can't afford a car like that anyway.

But this all depends on the cost of firstly, insuring my prospective next car and secondly, the cost of running it (like tax, fuel and maintenance). Though I have done a bit of homework, on getting quotes on a few cars. Due to being a 21 year old driver, having at least a year's no claim under my belt means I can afford to insure a quicker car for around the same price I currently pay for my Ford Ka, if not, paying less for it.

I am going to (reluctantly) hang fire just for that little bit longer and keep the Ka for the time being. Where work is concerned, I am on a temporary contract for the first six weeks. So it's a month away to find out whether my job becomes permanent or not. I bloody hope it is because I want a secure job at the end of the day.

If my job becomes permanent, the hunt for the next motor will be on...

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