23 November 2011

MG should be making sports cars

This will put MG back on the map with its return!

MG HAS been back in business for some time with the cars now being built in Longbridge. The MG6 was the first new car made and sold that wore the Octagon, since being owned by Chinese giants, the SAIC.

The MG6 has had mixed reviews. Many have praised it being fun to drive, spacious and good value for money with its generous specification of standard equipment.

Criticisms have been a low rent interior and stodgy build quality, fuel consumption and with no models having a six-speed gearbox and diesel engines. With a narrow range of models, potential buyers are pretty much faced with a take it or leave it option with the MG6.

To add insult to injury, is the lacklustre marketing and a small dealer network. Therefore, few are aware of MG's return, and that's resulted in MG’s flagship model has being a slow seller since it went on sale. 

Ask most people on what an MG is, it will more than likely to be a sports car. A classic MGB, or the recent TF will spring to most peoples' minds. Foreign owned or not, MG is a much loved, iconic British brand. With a rich heritage and history, of building fun and affordable sports cars.

But if MG really want to put themselves back on the map. Building a brand new sports car will be the goose to lay the golden egg. Look how successful they were with the MGF/TF in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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  1. No, I think that the new GT and Magnette are the future now, for chinese drivers at least.


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