05 August 2011

Need to save up

The temptation of spending money has been difficult to resist. A dilemma to overcome.


WITH me being priced off the road and practically broke. It’s been difficult times and it feels like I've degraded having to get on the bus or the train - no disrespect to those that regularly use public transport. If I have to get somewhere is when I reluctantly use the bus. Like to a job interview to this week.

Being relegated to the bus from being used to travelling by car. I noticed that it has made me less patient when it comes to waiting. Oh and how I miss my car even more. On how convenient it is because you can travel when and where you want. Rather than having to plan and start journeys that fit round a bus timetable and/or route.

I'll admit that it isn't a bed of roses for me at the moment. Particularly on the financial side of things. The current circumstances are like this. I've left and graduated Uni with a Graphic Design degree. Now I'm on the hunt for a job, which hasn't been easy. It's been frustrating, it leaves me feeling disillusioned at times.

Whatever money I have, it shouldn't be spent at my disposal. Which it has been towards food, cigarettes and alcohol. When I'm out with my friends and having a good time. It should be saved and invested towards the car's repairs and getting it back on the road.

As I'm going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. I want some escapism, I feel that going out with friends every weekend (or when I can) helps that. It takes away the pain, as I have a good time out and forget reality.

With the need to save up. I will have to make a sacrifice if that means getting my car fixed. It may take a couple of months. It's not going to be easy but I believe it will ultimately be worth it. So I'm going to be hybernating - and having to travel by bus or train - for some time.

For the time being, I'll be a bus wanker.

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