02 July 2011

Convoy to Ainsdale

A road trip on a Friday evening with sand, sea, sunset and a big chill out session. It was a blast.

I LOVE going out with my friends and getting wasted on weekends. Which 20 year old doesn't? Having a break from it, doing something different every now and then instead is refreshing.

This brings me onto the trip to Ainsdale. I’ve been before a few times when I was younger. But it’s been a while, because the last time I went was with my Dad and my brother back when I was 15 (I think). Though this time round, I came with my friends in our cars for the first time.

Of course, the whole idea behind going to Ainsdale is sand, sea and sunset. With a group of friends chilling out, relaxing and having a laugh with jokes, banter and pratting about. I also think that making the trip there and back in the cars is also part of the fun.

The route from Darwen to Ainsdale involved a wide range of roads. With motorways, dual carrageways and twisty, country lanes en route. Then there was a stop to a shop for us to get drinks and some snacks. Others happily got some booze too.

As we all arrived at  the beach in Ainsdale, we parked the cars. Got our stuff out of the boot. Having random conversations, eating our munch, admiring the view of the sea and the landscape, playing with a rugby ball or a guitar. Then some of us had a paddle in the sea. In short, just having a real good time. 

Later on, we were ragging and drifting cars on the sand. Some of us were trying out and racing each others cars. Plenty of handbrake turns and revving the nuts off them. Afterwards, we started chilling out, listening to music and watch the sunset. Then we left the beach and went to the McDonald’s 24 hour Drive-thru on the way out of Ainsdale. Then headed back to Darwen.

The trip out to Ainsdale was an absolute blast. I had a great time and (hopefully) everyone else who came along did too. I will not hesistate to say yes on doing it again because I really enjoyed it.

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