29 June 2011

The sun’s out, the roof should be DOWN!

It makes you wonder of whether there’s any point of some people buying a convertible. 

IT has become something of an annoyance lately. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m starting to see this more often. With more people driving their convertibles on warm, clear, sunny days with the roof UP! It beggars belief in all honesty. Why do people keep the roof of their rag tops up on a nice day?

Unless it’s raining or unsure it will rain from dull, grey clouds. There’s no excuse for not having your convertible's roof down on bright, hot and clear sunny days. Don't use the 'it'll mess-my-hair-up' excuse on not wanting to take the roof down. It's total bullshit and ask yourself on why you bought an open top motor in the first place. 

If I had the law my way, driving a convertible the roof up on nice, sunny days would be a crime. Anyone caught doing it will be pulled over by the police. The driver of their car will be forced to put the roof down. Give him or her a slap on the wrist, with a fine and three points on his or her license. Think that's obscene? So is the price of petrol right now.

The whole point I'm really making is this is. When the sun is out, skies are clear and no raindrops falling from the sky above. Go out in your convertible and don't put the roof down. Why buy a convertible then? It really does the defeat the object of owning an open top motor. This is because the car won't be put to great use when the sunshine's out.

It might be a pet hate - maybe an irrational one this instance - of seeing people drive convertibles with the roof up on nice, sunny days. If you own an open top motor and believe I'm being silly. You are more than welcome to defend your reason for keeping the roof of your car up, when the sunshine rays are out. Just by simply leaving a comment below or replying with a tweet.


  1. I honestly believe there are some people that forget they are driving a car that has the ability to open to roof! Nothing else can explain why on a cloud-free beautiful sunny day they don't have the top down/

  2. Exactly, it's the perfect time to get the roof down of an open-top car. Not only will it be great with the fresh atmosphere, the wind in your hair and getting a tan on the move :)


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