08 June 2011

Trust Barry to find souped up shockers

Modifying cars can smarten up a car’s appearance. However, it can also ruin its looks - which is often the case of being an epic fail.

Modified Toyota Paseo

THERE is a chance that you will have seen some idiotic driver in a customised Citroen Saxo or Vauxhall Corsa on the roads. With loud exhausts, dump valve, over sized alloys, garish paint jobs, go-faster stripes and aggressive body kits. Oh, let’s not forget loud, booming music from their ma-hoo-siff speakers and subwoofers.

The owners of these souped-up cars will think they're "cool". Really? They may think they have respect and will be taken seriously. The reality is that they are a complete pillark. Chances are that more people are going to smirk at the sight of seeing and hearing them coming. Not only that, it demonstrates on what poor automotive taste they really have.

Believe it or not, there is a website to showcase these automotive eyesores. Where you will be either amused or disgusted by looking at sheds with shoddy modifications. Here are some examples archived from the site.

You can find many more cars with awful mods (like these cars above) on BarryBoys.co.uk. I can guarantee you will find many more cars on there with hideous modifications.

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