16 June 2011

GTi'm NOT coming back

Has Peugeot lost the plot on ditching its Hot Hatches? Or is it right for them to pull the plug from recent efforts?

Pug Generations

WITH the 205, 306 and 106 GTi and Rallye models to name a few. Something that has earned Peugeot a reputation for building pretty, fast, nimble and entertaining hot hatches throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

More recently, you could say that Peugeot’s later GTis (e.g the 206 and 207) have been somewhat underwhelming. Well, you can read and see many mediocre reviews and reports from journalists and the motoring press. Peugeot could have been accused of toning down the Lion.

It’s a great shame in all honesty, with how much Pugs wearing the GTI badges have mellowed and become uglier. They are what was the making of Peugeot and their modern history. The Lion losing its roar and pedigree.

Whereas the 205 GTi was a Chicken Madras. Hot, spicy, with plenty of flavour. When your taste buds are left with a sizzling senstation. The more recent 308 GTi is a Chicken Korma in comparison to its ancestors. Too mild and needs spicing up, to add some flavour and tickle them taste buds.

Peugeot are more or less are going (or in this case gone) through a phase. Rather similar to what Volkswagen did with the Golf GTi in the 1990s. When they became bigger, fatter, softer and as sharp as a piece of play dough.

It's all been leaving enthusiasts like myself, wondering if Peugeot could put the roar back into the Lion. Whether they could build these type of cars again. That are worthy and living up to the GTi badges on which they wore. Especially when you consider that VW have done more recently with the Golf GTi.

It remains to be seen, if Peugeot will return to form on making great Hot Hatches again. To give the likes of Ford, Volkswagen and arch-rivals, Renault a run for their money. Sadly, they're not going to be. Hot Pugs are pretty much a thing of the past but it's certain they technically will be in the near future. That will be Peugeot's loss, as they're starting to make attractive looking cars again such as the 508 SW and the RCZ.

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