29 March 2011

The next car…

I am on the look for a replacement for the old Ford Ka in the Definitely Motoring fleet…

DON’T get me wrong, I love my Ford Ka - or KaKa it’s also affectionately known as. I feel that the time for me is now to move on. Sadly, this is where me and KaKa will have to part company.

As the little Ka is my very first car. I will very much look back at this car with very fond memories. With the fun (and frustration) I’ve had with this car. Over the past 12 months of ownership, it’s certainly not had its dull moments that’s for sure.

So why am I wanting to sell KaKa? No matter how much of a giggle it is to drive. It’s just simply too small and impractical for my needs and uses. For example, there’s no space for me and my mates and relatives to travel in the car. Oh and luggage space as well - or the lack of it is more accurate. Another is I just want to change car. I could go on and on here but that’s the main reasons I’m wanting to sell it. 

As I want (and need) a bigger car. You maybe asking, how much bigger? Ideally, it will be a small, five door hatchback. That's cheap, practical, makes a good B-road blaster and also a bit more go. I don't want a big car nor do I need one. I also can't afford a much bigger car due to insurance for a 20 year old bloke like myself. Then there's the ever-rising price of fuel.

However, now is not the time for me to change car, even though I want to. With the current circumstances of me in higher education and not having a job right now. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to. I am working onto something in getting myself back into work, sooner rather than later.

When that time comes for the change of wheels. Well, that will also mean more opportunities for me to test drive cars when the time comes. With more reviews following up on Definitely Motoring. So keep your eyes peeled for them.

When I'm back in work and saved up some money. With me on the search for the motor to surpass my old Ka. I will keep you informed about it. For the time being, KaKa is staying put. Just for a little bit longer.

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