10 October 2017

Volkswagen on D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Adverts that made light of a depressing topic.

VOLKSWAGEN’S marketing department clearly have a sense of humour. Which belies the cars they make in contrast to how sensible, serious and pragmatic they are. Though some maybe a bit more critical of saying that VW’s cars are boring.

It’s a known fact that around 43% of marriages end in divorce. In reflection of this, VW cleverly made light situation of the depressing topic. With the iconic advert featuring former model, Paula Hamilton, from 1988. Who’s happy to dispose her wedding or engagement ring, her pearl necklace and her fur coat.

But as she was about to throw away the car keys. She soon realised that the Volkswagen Golf was something worth hanging onto. Simply because it could give her escapism and a great deal of pleasure. That is what she can depend on, and all is what she needs right now.

VW clearly displayed confidence in their cars. For years, their commericals had the infamous tagline, 'If only things in life were as reliable as a Volkswagen'.

A few years down the line. VW made another advert in relation to divorces and break ups featuring the next generation Golf in 1993.

Though, they weren't so subtle and more tongue-in-cheek with this commercial when it came to making light of the issue. So much so, that they were probably making a joke on how many marriages end in divorce.

With the Bluebells' song, Young at Heart, on the advert. It strongly emphasises on the woman celebrating her new found freedom. As well as the car being what she needs that she can depend on. Funnily enough, the Young at Heart song was re-released as a single coinciding with the VW commercial. Which also topped the UK charts, and was No.1 for four consecutive weeks.

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