19 September 2016


It's one of the most pointless cars ever made.

NOW while I’m aware of the praise the BMW X6 gets from the motoring press. More so on how good this car is to drive. I’ve not driven one myself, but I’m pretty sure it will be a decent steer - BMWs are renowned for that. They’ll say how well made and refined the X6 is too. How quick it is with its strong performance and powerful engines as well. Credit where its due, I'm sure the Beemer has its merits.

But so what? Big deal!

It becomes irrelevant with the road testers and journalists' good(ish) reports on the car. But I'm sorry, the BMW X6 is quite simply, one of the most pointless cars to have ever been created.

Which of the dweebs at BMW, in their right mind, thought of making a car that's a mish mash of a Coupe and an SUV was a great idea? What were they on!? I'm intrigued and would love to know what they had. Before they went to the boardroom and brought up this idea at the meeting.

At the meeting, did them same dweebs (who brought up the idea of the X6), put the substances they've been taking and spiked their bosses brews with it? Possibly, and they'd be on it too. Convinced that making the X6 was a great idea. Off to the drawing board then.

Things didn't get much better when the car was designed on the drawing board. BMW's designers could have been having an off day when penning the X6. Heck! Even Pininfarina has had them moments. When he has a good day, he sketches an Alfa Romeo Spider. If he's having a bad day, a Hyundai Matrix.  Still, BMW's design was signed off, and the X6 that went into production was a ghastly looking motor.

The X6 shares many components with BMW's flagship SUV the X5 - well it is based on it after all. It's also more expensive than the X5, and what you get is less headroom, a smaller boot, poorer visibility, oh and less seats - it's a strict four seater by the way.

Like the X5 that it's based on. The X6 won't impress in the rough stuff. A Range Rover would leave it trailing behind stuck in the mud. But mind you, this wasn't initially designed to be a mud-plugger.

So this begs the question itself: What was the point of the BMW X6!?

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