23 February 2015

Classic Top Gear: Used Porsche 911s

IN the booming days of the 1980s when greed was good. The popularity of Porsche’s iconic sports and performance car, the 911, had soared. The Porker was the ultimate status symbol for the Yuppie brigade. It was the car to have and no self-respecting Yuppie would not be seen without a 911. For them, it was a must-have accessory.

Into the 1990s the recession had broke out, and the lots of money generation had felt the pinch. Meaning that plenty of Porsche 911s found their way on the used car market. If you were surviving comfortably where the recession didn't dictate your circumstances, there couldn't have been a better time to buy a used Porsche 911.

Quentin Willson looks at second hand Porsche 911s on a classic episode of Top Gear back from 1991. Of which he regarded it as one of the ‘most sensible’ yet ‘idiosyncratic’ sports cars you can buy. Where he gives an essential guide to buying these Porkers.

Today, market values of used 911s (regardless of year and model) remain solid as ever, and the principals of buying this timeless classic are likely to be the same. So nearly a quarter of a century on since this was broadcast, this buying guide will probably be relevant today. Many purists and car enthusiasts regard those 911s with the air-cooled flat-six engines as Porsche’s finest. Boy! Don’t they sound great?

Right enough of my musings. Here's the clip, watch and enjoy. 

You will probably want a Porsche 911 right now. Don't blame you at all if you do.

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