03 November 2014

Nissan Qashqai reaches two million mark

NISSAN have announced that the two millionth Qashqai has rolled off the production line in Sunderland this week.

The Qashqai has been the goose that laid the golden egg for Nissan. Launched seven years ago back in 2007 and now into its second generation.

The Japanese manufacturer so far, has made over 2.5 million Qashqais. At the current rate, one fully completed Qashqai rolls off the production line every minute.

This makes Nissan's crossover the fastest selling British built car of all time. Surpassing the new MINI, of which they’ve made the 2.5 million cars rolling off the production line in the space of 10 years from the Cowley plant in Oxford.

It’s an understatement in saying that the Qashqai has been a huge triumph for Nissan. It also kick started the new niche of SUV-cum-hatchback crossover cars. The popularity of them, which many manufacturers soon cottoned onto it, and have made their own imitations of the Qashqai.

With high demand for the Qashqai, which in turn has created more jobs at the Sunderland plant. Helping people keep their jobs as well as create more in the North East. Furthermore, helping the country’s economy. It's also a triumph for Britain’s car industry, and Nissan Manufacturing United Kingdom (NMUK) is an assett to the nation.

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