06 October 2014

Why don't city cars have scissor doors?

It could revolutionise urban motoring...

CITIES are often congested places. Where people are often waiting, trying to get around and through the crowded streets and shopping centres. There'll be a lengthy traffic of cars, just like there will be long queues at Greggs and McDonald's.

Driving in an urban environment can be stressful. Constantly waiting, and plodding along with the clutch on its biting point, then your foot will always be on the brake pedal because the traffic lights are always changing.

You've always got to be more aware of your surroundings. With other people in their cars pulling out of junctions, changing lanes with no consideration, or not even looking where they're going. Then you have to watch out for cyclists, and then there's pedestrians crossing the road without looking in directions the traffic is going. Where you'll have to slam to brakes to avoid any accidents. I could go on...

When you're finding somewhere to park in a town or city centre. Whether it's on the streets or in a multi storey car park. It can be a ball ache finding a space to park your motor. Especially when someone has got to that space before you that you found.

There's also an annoyance of not being able to park your car in a space because some careless pillarks double parked their cars. Which weren't parked within the marked bays – they're usually Range Rover Sports or Vauxhall Zafiras.

Once you've found your space after searching for one. It's trying to get out of your car without bashing your door on the car parked next to you - which can be a nightmare for some. This got me thinking. Why don't more cars that were designed for urban environments have scissor doors?

I personally think that scissor doors on city cars is a great idea. With the doors opening upwards rather than outwards. It's easier to get in and out of vehicles in tight car park spaces. It'd be great for parents strapping their kids in the car, but also for the elderly and the disabled. But this doesn't just apply to when you're at Tesco or a shopping mall. Getting in and out of your vehicle when cars are coming past means you won't have to wait on getting out with the traffic coming past until it's clear.

The Peugeot 1007 had a great idea and concept behind it, but it was poorly executed.

Peugeot though have tried to revolutionise urban motoring with the ill-fated 1007 a decade ago. The idea of sliding doors was a great idea. However, it never really caught on. Largely down to the fact that it wasn't well executed.

It was ugly, the doors were heavy which blunted performance and economy. It was also more expensive than a 206 and a 107, so many buyers thought it was expensive for it was and the 1007 never sold in the numbers Peugeot had hoped.

Scissor doors shouldn't be the preserve of Lamborghini drivers. It could be great on improving and revolutisioning urban motoring, for those who tackle the city streets and the multi storey car parks. That's why city cars should have scissor doors.

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