09 May 2014

SPOTTED: Volkswagen Golf MK1

This original Golf is in a sorry state.

I WAS saddened to see this MK1 Golf the state it was in. With the rotten bodywork - I mean you can see the crusty front wing on the picture is a prime example. Broken mirror dangling off, and flat tyres as well. If it looks this bad on the outside, god knows what it would be like underneath. It could be well and truly perished.

I'm convinced that this Golf has been sat there for years by just looking at it. With years of neglect from its owner, and quietly rotting away. It's likely to be SORN'd and there's not a chance in hell that it would be road worthy. It would get a fail by the MOT man from first glance.

Could this VW Golf be saved? Maybe, but I'm not sure. It would need to be up on a ramp to see how rotten it is underneath. 

If it can be saved, this car will cost a lot of time and money to be restored. There could be a lot of money fetched from this car. The original Golf is pretty much regarded as a classic car these days, and it's one that has gained a loyal following  - particularly from VW enthusiasts.

If this Golf cannot be saved. It'll be a car that'll Rust In Peace.

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