06 November 2013

New Jaguar F-Type coupe

JAGUAR have officially released a teaser shot of the new F-Type coupe. But they will be unveiling the car at the LA Motor Show later this month.

The new addition to the F-Type range, is said to be more driver-focused than its open top sibling thanks to its tin top roof. Which not only makes the car lighter than the convertible, but also makes it stiffer. That's already a starting point there.

Engine-wise, it's pretty much certain that Jaguar's new coupe will be powered by the same range of engines as those found in the F-Type convertible. With V6, V6S and V8 and engines expected to be under the bonnet of the hard top F-Type. Jaguar also have some more powerful F-Types in the pipeline. With quicker and track-focused models such as the R, R-S and GT models.

The stunning F-Type convertible has gone down a storm and has a huge wow factor about it. I expect the hard top to go down well too and get a warm reception.

Arrivals of the new model are due to arrive in the showrooms next year. Excited much?

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