18 August 2013

Volvo's dig at the Germans

SURE everyone likes German cars. Look how many Audis and BMWs are littered on Britain’s roads.

There are plenty out there who’d like a car more upmarket than a Vauxhall Astra or a Ford Focus, but they will want one that doesn’t come from Bavaria or have four rings on the grille.

This is where Volvo seized an opportunity to capitalise sales on the V40 – as you’ll see on their advertising campaign. They’re well aware of how popular the A3 and 1-Series are. The fact it’s a German alternative also comes with some exclusivity. There is a market for those who want a premium hatch, but don’t want to be a sheep or blend in with the crowd.

Hats off to Volvo with their dig at BMW, Audi and Mercedes with the V40's tongue-in-the-cheek advertisement. Proof they're proud to be Swedish with their Anti-German advert. Some manufacturers are trying to make their cars more Germanic these days. A particular example when Citroën advertised the C5 on being 'Unmistakably German'.

From the reviews I've seen, the V40 is a sound antidote to the German trio. There’s also the Alfa Romeo Gulietta and the Lexus CT200h.

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