08 August 2013

Appreciation for Chris Goffey

Everyone loves Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. But here's an ode to the show's unsung hero of the past. It's beards and knitted jumpers with Chris Goffey.

NOW you might think I am boring for being a fan of the former Top Gear presenter, Chris Goffey. I was too young to remember even watching the BBC show back in my childhood when he was on. Especially when he's compared to the bloke called Jeremy Clarkson.

I can understand why many are a fan of Clarkson. His dry humour, sharp wit and occasionally courting controversy with the odd outbursts. But there will be those, who will think Clarkson is nothing more than a pig-headed pillark. Comedian Stewart Lee can tell you himself.

Many car fans will be a fan of old Top Gear. More for it being a more informative motoring programme than the present one. Which are more or less three teenagers trapped in the bodies of middle aged blokes. Entertaining, albeit cringeworthy at times.

I remember watching it in my childhood with Quentin Willson, Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson and let's not forget a certain Mr Clarkson. Chris Goffey? Well no, not really and I was too young to ever remember seeing him on Top Gear.

Thanks to YouTube, I have had the chance to see some vintage Top Gear that I enjoyed watching. Seeing reviews of older cars when they were new cars at the time. I like the fact that Goffey has a genuine passion for cars, and also how informative he is when he reviews cars. It's easy to see why his enthusiasm rubs off on viewers.

Here's a Top Gear clip with Goffey test driving the Ford Escort XR3i and the Volkswagen Golf GTI from 1992. Enjoy.

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