19 October 2012

Mondeo man can look like James Bond

No, your eyes are not decieving you, as you would be forgiven for thinking it was an Aston Martin. Believe it or not, this is the all new Ford Mondeo. 

COMPANY car drivers, fleets and reps across the land, who have always secretly fantasied on looking like a man or woman on a mission like James Bond. Well you can rejoice yourselves with the all-new Ford Mondeo.

The new Mondeo sports a sharp new look with the Aston Martin inspired radiator grille. A lower roofline gives it a rakish profile and overall a very attractive coupe-like shape. Whilst the outgoing Mondeo is a good looking car and was driven by James Bond on Casino Royale. The new car is a very handsome machine which retains its links with 007 which you can see for yourself.

Ford are going to be fitting the award winning 1.0 litre three cylinder EcoBoost engine into the Mondeo. No doubt this will raise eyebrows on fitting a tiny engine into such a big car. However, this engine has been tried and tested in the current Focus and has been a hit with the motoring press and the general public.

The new Mondeo goes on sale in the UK next year.

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