16 August 2012

EVENTS: 2012 Ford Fair

Travelled down to Silverstone to attend the 2012 Ford Fair. It was a great weekend out.

OK, so it was the first motoring events that I've gone to this year and that's covered on Definitely Motoring. When there has been events this year that have come and gone. Usually, it has been finding the time to go and attend the events; with work being the main priority when they took place.

The first this year was to the Ford Fair in Silverstone. Where I travelled down from Lancashire with Andy, Tez and Jonny. It's an event that is the biggest annual Blue Oval event in Europe. Where all car enthusiasts in many shapes and forms (predominately Ford fans) drive and meet up.

Stunning Anglia and MK2 Escort RS2000.

Stating the obvious, Ford fans will love it. Regardless of what generation you fall into. There was a wide range of cars. With a lot of Fast Fords past and present: XRs, Cosworths, RSs, STs - you name it, it was there. But it wasn't just Fast Fords, there were also plenty of standard cars too.

There were pristine, original, unmolested, fresh out of the showroom examples. At the other end of the scale, there was modified examples that had some bespoke customizations. Some had been tarted up (to put it mildly) with an acquired taste.

Loads of Sierra Cosworths on display. Including the rare and highly sought after Sierra RS500s.

On display, there was stands for specific models of Fords. Either usually being from owners clubs, websites or forums. For Fords from a specific era, certain models (e.g. Sierras, Kas, Capris, Escorts or Fiestas) or performance models (e.g. RSs, XRs, Cosworths or STs). There was also rare and highly sought after Fords at the fair. Such as the limited edition Focus RS500, RS200 and a few American Fords thrown in the mix.

Prior to cars being displayed in Silverstone. There were a lot of stripped out, modified cars where enthusiasts put them through their paces on the race circuit. One Fast Ford that really caught my eye was that orange Escort Cosworth. Jesus that thing just flew by on the straights, flat out on the corners and zipping past the other cars on the track. The Cossie was seriously quick!

The Ford GT looks great on a schoolboy's bedroom wall. Seeing one in the metal was breathtaking.

Also, there was AMG Mercs that were used as safety cars - that V8 grumble was music to my ears. Plus Lotus Exiges and Evoras were guiding cars round the track as well. Me, Andy, Tez and Jonny happily enjoyed the spectating out in the sunshine. Glorious.

Russ and Paul Swift were there and did their stunt driving show in Silverstone. With handbrake turns, slaloms and driving a car on two wheels. Then they did a father versus son shootout. Russ and Paul also picked three people each from the crowd at random which was also entertaining. I even got the chance to briefly meet Paul and Russ Swift too.

The Ford Ka Owners Club stand with some lovely Kas on display.

So many cars on display caught my eyes at the Ford Fair. But one stand that I was also glad to see - due  to the fact I owned one - was the Ford Ka stands from the Ka Klub and the Ford Ka Owners Club. I'm pleased in the knowledge that Ford's town toddler, along with the likes of the Fiesta, Sierra and Escort, is gaining a loyal following.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip away to Europe's biggest Ford event with Andy, Tez and Jonny. I will definitely go to the Ford Fair again next year in 2013. 

Why not check out the Definitely Motoring Facebook page to enjoy looking at the gallery of cars seen at the Ford Fair?

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