16 July 2012


Looking at truly great cars and classics which Definitely Motoring scours upon. Here's ode to the world's best selling sports car. The Mazda MX-5.

THE Japanese have never really been known for coming up with original ideas and concepts when it comes to their cars. But what they have done well, is take ideas and improve on them. The Mazda MX-5 is a well proven example.

The MX-5 was responsible for the revival of the mass market sports car. This is what the MGF owes its existence to. Though you could say the Toyota MR-2 played a part in that. When Hot Hatches were ruling the roost after the MG and Triumph sports cars were phased out.

Upon its arrival in 1989, Mazda's sports car instantly got a glowing reception. From being a pastiche of classic British sports cars like the Lotus Elan, the MGB and the Triumph Spitfire. A small, front engined, rear wheel drive, two-seater sports car.

There's been countless columns and reports written on how good the MX-5 is to drive. Balanced, poised, nimble, agile and above all else...F-U-N! Everything a sports car should be - but let's not forget that you can also get a tan whilst having the wind in your hair.

Besides being a car that was fun. The MX-5 is a great car due its simplicity and that's also part of its appeal. A fun, plain and simple two seater sports car that's affordable - unlike a few of Blighty's sports cars - more reliable than a wood burning stove.

Even though the MX-5 has been around for over 20 years, it's still going strong as ever. To date, Mazda have sold over 800,000 examples. Taking over the classic MGB in being the world's best selling sports car.

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