13 May 2012

Hyundai i30 faced trial by monkeys

The new Korean hatch is put to the test against a group of baboons.

WHEN car manufacturers are developing a new car to see how good the build quality is. They go through tough trials. Trial by snow, blizzards, deserts, very rough road surfaces, crash tests to name a few.

Has any car maker ever put their car through a trial by monkeys? Well not until recently, as Hyundai put the new i30 to the test in Knowlesley Safari Park. The baboons were let loose to mess about with the car.

If you've ever been to Knowlesley Safari Park in Merseyside, the monkeys love messing on the cars that come by. Playing with the ariel, dangling on the mirrors, sliding down the windscreens or pulling off the wipers.

It might seem bonkers but it actually makes a lot of sense. This is because the abuse i30 gets from the monkeys, is similar to what cars usually get from kids or pets on a daily basis. The purpose was to demonstrate on how well put together Hyundai's new car is.

After the trial, the i30 came off unscathed from the treatment it got from the baboons. What resulted was a filthy interior, smears and scratches on the bodywork of the car.

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