13 March 2012

Events: Ormskirk MotorFest 2012

Upcoming event for 2012 and sounds like a plan.

Tom Boardman's Special Tuning Racing SEAT Leon on the streets of Ormskirk

YOU may recall me on writing up plans for 2012. One of them was to try and go to more (if any) motoring events. Of which will be covered on Definitely Motoring. The Ormskirk MotorFest, is definitely one I intend to go to this year which takes place in August.

After seeing the coverage of last year's event on the motoring blog Life On Cars. Knowing on how successful it was and seeing the pictures of stunning cars shown and displayed at the show. The most notable one, was a Ferrari Enzo that was formerly owned by Rod Stewart. Not only that, the races and rallies that took place.

Another reason for going to the Ormskirk MotorFest is not based solely on its success. It's also in Lancashire - well the other side of it from where I am. So it's not too far travelling there as I happen to reside in the Red Rose county. 

The Ormskirk MotorFest will take place at the end of the Summer on Sunday 28th August - mark that date on your calendar by the way! Let's just say that I'm looking forward to it. It should be a great day out. Excited? You bet I am!

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