11 December 2011

A Toyota that's worth a look

Think Toyota. Think boring cars. Their new sports car, the GT-86 is the complete opposite.

Toyota GT 86

WHEN I spoke about Toyota's cars here on Definitely Motoring. I had a right rant on what bland and uninspiring cars they make. By slating them for their grey cardigan aesthetics, and likening them to domestic appliances like fridges or washing machines. With their dull but worthy cars like the Auris and the Avensis.

Mind you though, Toyota have made some exciting or interesting cars in the past. Remember their crop of sports cars? Celica? MR-2? Supra? And even go as far back as the 2000GT? It's been a while since the Japanese manufacturer stopped making these kind of cars. So it doesn't come to a surprise if the Celica, MR-2 and the Supra are distant memories.

After their current activity in building hybrids, Toyota have decided on building a sports car again. Though, they've not gone back into bringing back the Celica, MR-2 or Supra. They could have done that just like Nissan did with their Z-cars and Mazda likewise, with their Wankel engined RX sports cars.

Since the Celica and MR-2 were phased out in 2006, the GT-86 is Toyota's all new sports car that's also been jointly developed with Subaru. Those who've had an Impreza or a Legacy will be familiar with what's lurking under the bonnet as the GT-86 is powered by the four cylinder Boxer engines. Purists and keen drivers will be pleased to know it will have a front-engined, rear wheel drive layout.

Unlike any other car in Toyota's line-up, the GT-86 will get a second glance. Well, just look at it. With its sharp, low slung nose, bulging front wings. It's sloping roof line and broad shoulder lines give it -  dare I say - a muscular stance to the GT-86. Not something you'd usually describe a car by Toyota.

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