08 November 2011

Krippled Ka getting fixed

Finally got round on getting the Ford Ka back on the road…

JUST a brief update really. Yes, I finally got round to getting that Ford Ka mended, back on the road, saving it from the scrapyard and from the claws of the crusher. At the time of writing, it's been towed away and in the hands of my great friend, Andy Lucas and his mate Tom.

As those who regularly read and follow Definitely Motoring, you'll be aware that my Ka has been off the road for around four months by now. It's also been declared SORN in that time too.

I could have gone the easy route by writing it off and getting it scrapped. It’s simply because the Ka cost more to repair than it was worth at the time. I decided to take the more the expensive route with an engine change due to the old engine having a serious malfunction. 

I've took a leaf out of Edd China's book on what he does on Wheeler Dealers when fixing and restoring cars. For peace of mind, it's better to replace than repair. It's certainly the case with the Ka where it concerns the engine. It'll probably go wrong again and I don't want to give its next owner a wounded bank balance from it.

Once I've paid off Andy and Tom for the engine and labour, there's other work to be done on the little Ford. It'll need to be taxed, fully valeted for it to be ready to sell. Hopefully recoup some money back on the Ka from getting it fixed. I know for a fact it won't be worth as much now as it was when I bought it over 18 months ago. Having said that, it will be worth more money fixed than selling it as a non-runner.

At the end of the day, it's a relief and weight is being lifted off my shoulders on getting the Ka fixed. Knowing the fact that it will be gracing tarmac in the near future. Once it's fixed, taxed and valeted, my Ford Ka will be up for sale. If not PX'd for another car but either way, it will be gone.

After that, I should be getting another car. Which will hopefully be something more substantial. That's more practical but just as fun and nippy as my outgoing Ka. Keep an eye out for an update on my next set of wheels when the change takes place in the Definitely Motoring fleet.

Right now, I'll be glad to see the back of it. But when the time comes of being sold, I probably will be sad seeing it go. Being my first car and warts and all, I will miss my Ford Ka once it's gone and I will have fond memories of it. It's been fun and frustrating owning this tiny car in equal measure and it's never had a dull moment.

Once my Ford Ka is fixed, it will be gone.

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