09 March 2011

Fuelling anger

It’s no secret that many people are angry with the rising cost of filling our cars at the pumps.  Here I cast my thoughts and views on the matter…

I ALWAYS have the impression that the Government hates cars. It’s as simple as that basically. Usually for environmental reasons I suppose why.

The cost of owning and running a car always gets more and more expensive. With tax, insurance, and maintenance, etc all going up. It’s never good news for the British motorist. Recently, the cost of petrol has been a hot motoring topic. Often causing a heated debate. Many will have expressed their strong views in social and/or political contexts. 

I am aware that the price of oil is high. It’s because it’s valuable and there’s a huge demand for the supply of the non-renewable energy. Personally, I think that is the only reason you can possibly justify the high cost of petrol.

The Government charges us a lot of money to fuel our cars. With the VAT increase and the higher price of fuel duty on top. It crosses the point where describing it as "scandalous" is a mere understatement. 

The price of fuel – which is already expensive at around £1.31 a litre (of Unleaded fuel) on average in the UK. That's at an all-time high and expected to rise again in April this year. I'm not going to be surprised if there will be more fuel protests against the price hike. Now that will be adding fuel to the fire - pardon the pun there.

There's no doubt that the price of fuel will affect a lot of people. Many have made cutbacks, like sharing cars or downsizing their cars. Some have sadly been priced off the road. I'm not just meaning the everyday motorist here. Businesses as well will be affected - especially those that rely on transport to keep them going and expanding. They're likely to feel the pinch. That will affect the country's economy by stalling its growth and recovery in my humble opinion.

People have been working their way round the problem. Such as converting their cars or buy those that run on LPG. The trend of LPG motors has been on the increase - particularly on larger cars. Another has been motorists buying hybrid-powered cars. There's also others converting to run their cars on other alternative fuels, like chip fat for example.

I think the millions of motorists across the UK have every right to be angry about being completely ripped off. Little wonder there has been protests against the price of fuel going up. The people in power (like David Cameron and George Osborne) have probably heard the outrage and seen the demo from the public. They've not listened. They've ignored the public and went ahead to continue with what they're doing. Not giving a monkey's or sparing any thoughts for the nation's people.

So far, we (as the motorists) have taken the cost of petrol soaring with a pinch of salt. Put up with being ripped off. Pour more money to fill our cars at the pumps. It has over-stepped the mark. Someday, it will reach a point where we will no longer accept the Government treating us like complete mugs.

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